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Wedding Rings and Bridal Crown

Holy Matrimony

Congratulations!  You are engaged... NOW WHAT?!

Your wedding in our Parish Church celebrates your life together. The celebration of your wedding is an expression the marriage was established by God and that Jesus Christ binds your hearts and lives forever. It is a solemn and sacred commitment to each other, to Christ, your family & friends, and the community of believers. You enter a union that must reflect the self-giving of Christ, who personally witnesses and blessed your marriage. Accept this divine gift humbly, seriously and with sincerity.

Our entire community is strengthened by the faith of couples who live the sacrament. Their love for God and devotion to each other symbolizes for all of us the permanent, exclusive and life-giving love that God has for all. It is from this perspective that couples are encouraged to be married in the parish in which they plan to belong and participate. 

Your wedding is one day, your marriage is a lifetime.
Your wedding day, however is a special day. The information below will help in the planning of a joyful celebration.

Pre-Marriage Requirements: 
While many engaged couples focus on preparing for the wedding day, the Church encourages them to spend their engagement preparing for a strong, lifelong marriage—and the responsibilities and challenges that come with it. 

First, contact the Parish Office either by phone or with the form on this page to set up a Premarital Investigation Meeting with the Pastor or Deacon. 

At the time of your first interview with the pastor or member of the parish ministry team, a copy of your baptismal certificate which has been produced in the last six months (not the original). Please contact the church where you were baptized and they will provide a current copy. If you have trouble locating that church, due to closings and mergers, please contact our office and they will assist you.

Also, you are required to complete a Pre-Marital Preparation Program. This will vary from year to year and arrangements are made with the pastor. 

Planning your celebration: 

Our parish will provide you with material to aid you in the planning of your wedding ceremony. TOGETHER you are encouraged to read over the options available regarding the selections of Sacred Scripture, the form of your wedding vows, and the various prayers and blessings which are to be part of your ceremony. Plan those words that will best speak to you and your guests making God's presence further alive in your relationships.

The Hour of the Day for your celebration? In celebrating your wedding, we have to make allowances for our parish schedule of services. Friday evening weddings may begin at any convenient and available hour. Saturday weddings may take place between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. The time of your wedding ceremony will be confirmed at your first interview.

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Wedding Contact Form

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